RATIO arkitekter as

The name ’RATIO’ symbolises the focus of our office; the relationship between people, buildings and the environment.

Architecture is the creation of spaces for people – the physical surroundings for our lives, activities and interactions.

All of our projects start with the people that will inhabit, use and relate to the building, the future inhabitants. Our aim is to maintain this aspect throughout the entire design and planning process, which demands attention for every phase - from the general plan to the smallest detail, from sketch to finished product.

Architecture for people is created by people. The design and planning process bases itself on a good, close dialogue with the client and users and an open, inclusive and trusting relationship with all consultants  -  from start to finish.

With all this in mind, our wish is to create buildings that are all unique, because each building bears the results of different and unique processes.

We recognize that the environment is nearing its pain threshold, and that our climate is unbalanced. Our aim is to contribute to a better future through our architecture; in terms of good energy solutions, indoor climate and environmentally friendly materials.

The possibilities are endless  -  for a new, sustainable architecture!