RATIO architects as aims to be an expert on environmental design. We recognize that energy-efficient buildings and energy–optimized building processes are steps in the right direction towards a better balance between culture and nature, and improves conditions for future generations.

It is our desire to build an energy effective future that can also appreciate values in aesthetics, location, custom solutions, light, space and materials. We strive to create a building with a long and durable service life, good indoor air quality and durable materials.

We believe therefore, that comprehensive and integrated building process will help to enrich the traditional build tradition, and that energy optimization can be done without compromising our vision of a human architecture.

To achieve this we continuously educate all of our employees. The most important skills development are still attained through working on projects with ambitious environmental standards. We are architects of Oslo's first passive house, and we are currently working with several low-energy and passive house projects. We want to be promoters of good environmental solutions - for a sustainable architecture.

We are certified by Miljøfyrtårn which is Norway's most widely used certificate for businesses that will document their environmental efforts and show social responsibility.
St.Olavs Hospital, The Knowledge CentrePassive house TalgjeTangenten - Community Centre, Nesodden, NorwayPassive energy house, Oslo