RATIO arkitekter as is a fusion between Medplan as arkitekter and BGO arkitekter as. The fusion took place in 2010.

BGO was established as a limited company in 1984, and has completed buildings of wide and varied character: Housing, care buildings , public buildings, town halls, offices, cultural buildings and rehabilitation of existing buildings to name a few.

Medplan was established in 1991 as a result of 1.prize in the architectural competition for the new State University Hospital (Rikshospital). The office has wide experience including larger hospital projects, cultural and research / educational establishments amongst others.

The offices have collaborated over many years on shared projects, especially in the cultural building sector, and have together and independently made an impact in many architectural competitions.

The fusion between the companies represents an environment with great competence and experience in terms of building types, scales and complexities – and with a highly motivated and skilled workforce. Our projects are developed in teamwork, with processes that bring out the best in every person.