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    Tau Church opened

    Sunday 12. September opened new Tau Church. The church was designed in collaboration with HBA on behalf of Strand municipality.

    The facade cladding consists of galvanized steel and inside there are visible wooden constructions, which give a warm and natural expression to the interior of the building.

    The motto through the competition has been "waffle heart" after inspiration from the program's desire for a "sailor church on Tau". The building, which is located close to the city's new square and with a generous internal church square, will pulsate 7 days a week for everyone and be an inclusive meeting point in the city.

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    RATIO joins Madaster

    RATIO will participate in the Pioneer program for Madaster, where a group of players in the construction industry gather for joint learning, development and practical use of a material bank for increased circularity in building projects.
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    Grunnsteinen nedlagt for nytt sykehus i Drammen

    Prime Minister Erna Solberg has today laid the foundation stone for the new hospital that is being built on Brakerøya in Drammen. The foundation stone is inspired by the former industrial activity on Brakerøya and will be clearly visible in the hospital when it is completed in 2025.

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  • 4c3fc8f2a7c59c1972ab8212b4f4bdba

    Start-up of the preliminary project for Nye Aker Hospital approved

    On Thursday 26 November 2020, the board of Helse Sør-Øst RHF approved the start of a preliminary project for Nye Aker HSykehus.

    Team Aker, consisting of RATIO arkitekter, Arkitema, Sweco and Erichsen & Horgen, has won the contract for the preliminary project. Bygganalyse also participates in the design group. The contract includes a preliminary project with an option for detailed design and follow-up in the construction phase. The project has a cost framework of NOK 14 billion.

    According to the plan, Nye Aker Hospital will be able to receive patients from 2030. The preliminary project will be completed and considered by the board of Helse Sør-Øst RHF during the second quarter of 2022.
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    Martina Hansen's Hospital opened

    On Tuesday 8 September, Minister of Health and Care Services Bent Høie cut the cord for a new hospital wing at Martina Hansen's Hospital. The new wing designed by RATIO is over 5.000 m2 and extends over 7 floors.

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    See more of the project here
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    RATIO is designing the new Aker Sykehus

    RATIO arkitekter, Arkitema Architects, Sweco og Erichsen & Horgen have been awarded the contract for the design of the new Aker Sykehus.

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    Illustration: Nordic - Office of Architecture / AART architects
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    Innovation workshop on low emission building materials

    RATIO has participated in an innovation workshop on materials with low green house gas emissions. We were invited together with builders, authorities, practitioners and scientists, to discuss how FutureBuilt can continue being the driving force on climate friendly building materials. The workshop is a part of the development of FutureBuilt 2.0.

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    Foundation stone in place

    The Director og the Brønnøysund Register Centre Lars Peder Brekk had the honor of laying the foundation stone for the new building.

    The box contains an edition of Brønnøysunds Avis and the lease between Søren Nielsen AS and the Brønnøysund Register Centre.

    See video here.
    See the project here.
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    Architecture creates value

    We are always pleased with positive feedback from satisfied users and clients.

    Now, St. Olavs Hospital and Tangenten are presented as role models on "Arkitektur skaper verdi", a project under the auspices of Arkitektbedriftene i Norge.

    Some info about the project "Arkitektur skaper verdi":
    The project aims to highlight the social relevance of architecture and architects contribution to the creation of value. The goal is to convey the social, environmental, and economic values good architecture creates for the client, user and society, and how architecture can be used as a strategic tool in the development of our society.

    The website portrays examples of norwegian architecture that in different ways contributes to a more valuable society, places, companies and individual people.

    Read more at:
    St.Olavs Hospital

  • 89bd102ace3ea6dbd55cc4ecd9dfcbe1

    We are looking for a new project manager

    RATIO arkitekter AS is a growing office, and has currently several large scale projects in the public sector. The scope of, and complexity in our projects requires an increased competence within reporting, financial and contract managements. In that regard vi are looking for a skillful and enthusiastic project manager.

    Please read the ful description, by clicking the following link.
  • 0f87c100de039ffa57df1b8ceb02719a

    New board members at RATIO arkitekter AS

    RATIO arkitekter AS has proven to be a competent firm through several large and complex projects. We see that markets change, and to be even better equiped for the future we've added external competence to our board.

    Gunnar Bøyum will accede as chairman of RATIO arkitekter AS and Magnus Aune Hvam as new board member, from the January 1st 2020.  

    The new board members both have lots of experience from urban development, real estate development, and the building industry in general. 

    We are looking forward to the collaboration and are certain that this will strengthen and combine the competence we have in a growing company with new visions and strategies for the future.   
  • 1564d68df54f88b7c2b8168fc0cbd6f2

    Arkitema and RATIO will be designing the new hospital at Hjelset

    Skanska has chosen architects and consultants who will contribute to the interaction and development of a new emergency hospital at Hjelset near Molde.

    COWI AS will be engineering the construction and technical subjects. Arkitema Architects in collaboration with Ratio arkitekter AS will be responsible for architectural services for the project.
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    Construction of the new Drammen hospital has begun

    This monday, Minister of Health Bent Høie and CEO Cathrine Lofthus at Helse Sør-Øst marked the beginning of construction at the new hospital in Drammen.

    The team of Architects behind the project are LINK arkitektur, Ratio arkitekter and Bølgeblikk arkitekter. The hospital will be Norways leading institution in treating somatic and psychiatric patients, and will according to plan be finished in 2025.

    Foto: Azad Razaei / NRK
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    Solveig Dahl Grue as new CEO at RATIO arkitekter AS

    With several new, large and complex projects, RATIO arkitekter AS has proved to be a strong and competent actor within architecture. The office now has some 60 employees.

    We are now strengthening the management at our office to be even better equipped for the future and for further development of the company.

    Solveig Dahl Grue will accede to the post as CEO of RATIO arkitekter AS. Grue resigns from the position as project manager in the Department of Consulting and Early Phase in Statsbygg.

    -      We are extremely pleased that Solveig Dahl Grue has agreed to step into the position as the new managing director for RATIO arkitekter AS, says board chairman and partner in RATIO Karin Hagen. We are confident that Solveig, with her broad knowledge within the building industry, will add new and important expertise to our office. In addition, Solveig is a calm, motivating and open person who we look forward to joining the team at RATIO.

    Solveig Dahl Grue got her diploma of architecture at NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology and holds a master's degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Design. Grue has good knowledge of the industry through extensive experience from both management and project management roles in Arkitekturbedriftene i Norge, Statsbygg and Kultur- og sporttsbygg Oslo KF.

      -     I see the CEO position at RATIO arkitekter AS as an exciting challenge, and i’m looking forward to begin, Solveig says. RATIO arkitekter AS has great potential, and want to further develop it with the owners, emplyees and the board. The goal must be to make Ratio a preferred collaborator to ambitious builders, and continue to focus on high standards within architectural design, sustainable solutions and delivery.

    Anne Lamer, partner at RATIO arkitekter AS, will leave the post as CEO to Solveig Dahl Grue the 1st of October 2019.
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    Statsbygg has chosen the group to make the sketch project for the National Theater in Oslo. Sweco Norway, RATIO arkiteker, FuthArk arkitekter and Origo Arkitektgruppe will start working with the rehabilitation and modernization of the theater this autumn.

    Link Statsbygg
  • 1330e63f46a2a94b1c47951f88f03e70

    RATIO in the National Theater?

    RATIO, in co-operation with Sweco Norge AS, Origo arkitektgruppe AS and Futhark arkitekter AS, is prequalified to offer a pre-project for renovation of the National Theater ! 
    It is Statsbygg who has prequalified a total of eight design groups for the bidding process. - The groups have been selected both on the basis of solidity, expertise and previous experience, says Communications Director Hege Njaa Aschim on Statsbygg's website. - In this project, in the selection of companies we have emphasized transferable knowledge and experience with rehabilitation and antiquarian restoration, but also experience with building for theater or stage in particular.  
  • 70415c64bad66f28c8ddf74ebaf09d2a

    Go-ahead for the New Hospital in Drammen

    On Thursday, the decision of the board of Helse Sør-Øst was given for the implementation of a new hospital in Drammen.

    See film about New hospital in Drammen
    Read more about the project
  • ea037f706b2deeee4d16d9c07ab62851

    On site : LIFE SCIENCE | UiO

    The start-up at the construction site for the Life Science Building at UiO was officially opened and Prime Minister Erna Solberg came to visit on site.
    The building will be Norway's largest university building when it is finished in 2024.
  • 68ee531334e0bea981beb7ad256acd9c

    Development of the New Hospital at Gaustad

    RATIO arkitekter has published a sketch project for the development of Oslo University Hospital Gaustad, together with Arkitema Architects, Sweco and Metier OEC.

    Oslo University Hospital develops to three hospitals with a clear profile: a local hospital at Aker, a regional hospital with local functions at Gaustad and a specialised hospital in Oncology at Radiumhospital. A phased expansion has been chosen, this report investigates the first phase of development.

    The capacity and area for the new buildings is based on the national models of patient growth until 2035. The latest population projections from Statistisk Sentralbyrå, from summer 2018, have been included.

    In accordance to the mandate and guidelines and established in early phase planning, it has been investigated what would be the best conceptual solution for solving the planned development volume at Aker and Gaustad, with associated costs. Input from the participation process and decisions made concerning utilization, etc., have been included in the project. The concept phase report also includes analyzes of Oslo University Hospital's ability to bear the cost of the new buildings and the consequences for the region's overall economic sustainability.

    Key numbers from the concept phase study
    Aker: 151.000 m2 - 12,7 mrd. kroner
    Gaustad: 120.000 m2 - 12,9 mrd. kroner

    Further process involves approval by Oslo University Hospital HF for the expansion of Aker and Gaustad in the board meeting on the 6th of December. The board of Helse Sør-Øst will meet the 13th of December for approval of the project.

    After the concept phase report is approved an application for loan will be sent to the Department of Healthcare.

    Link to the full sketch project report:
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    New Medicine and Health Sciences building at UiT officially opened.
    Tuesday 14th of August, the official opening of the MH2 was built, and students and staff at the Faculty of Health Sciences in Tromsø can use new premises.

    Read more
  • bd0f161d0141a25cde82ac2fad2ac86b


    RATIO architects AS, together with NCC Norway, Karlsson Architects (DK), Schønherr Landscape Architects (DK) and Cowi, won the competition for the new Security Ward at Østmarka, St Olavs Hospital.
    The building has a total area of 6,400 m2 and will accommodate hospital functions which are currently in old and inappropriate premises at Brøset. The new security building will be the first new building in the country for psychiatric treatment at regional security level. It is to be built in scenic surroundings in connection with the historic hospital buildings in Østmarka.

    In the project we have prioritised a good and respectful framework for the patients, with strong interaction between patient areas inside and outside. The evaluation committee praised qualities such as adaptation to terrain and existing vegetation, good and rational function distribution, good daylight conditions, easy orientation and overview and great adaptability - ensuring good patient care and conditions for staff. The organization of the building and volume, and the use and design of atria and outdoor areas, are highlighted in particular.

    We look forward to working on a project that explores new possibilites in security psychiatry.
  • 077b2e08deb2a8effd7ba34462fa6197

    Cultural hall in Åmli

    RATIO is engaged by the municipality of Åmli to prepare a sketch project for the expansion of the town hall with a cultural hall and premises for the cultural school.

    In 2009 we won the architectural competition for a new town hall with a cultural hall in Åmli. The first building stage, town hall and grocery store was completed in 2012. The municipality is now considering proceeding with the rest of the prosject complete with the cultural hall.

    More about  Åmli City Hall here
  • 7fbe0eb19da8bad877a5b65a6318f774

    New framework agreement for RATIO

    Ratio has obtained a framework agreement for several health institutions in Norway.

    In collaboration with Sweco we have also as signed a framework agreement for St Olavs Hospital HF and Helse Nord-Trøndelag HF.

  • 4a4b2199cbc52fcaca015eb856804b8d


    See the norwegian version.
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    New people at RATIO

    We are delighted to welcome our new employees!

    They are Jon Erik Brekken, Ingrid, Siri Tjønneland, Joost Kors, Chiara Grifasi and Magnus Tveitan.

    Welcome to RATIO!
  • fb6fcb6a391da4dde1845c392a2442c1

    RATIO prequalifies for health centre on Vestnes

    We have been prequalified for a planning and design competition for a new health center in Vestnes outside Åndalsens.
    RATIO is collaborating on the team Betonmast Hæhre.

    Vestnes Health Center will include nursing and care homes, base for home services, medical center, public library and cafe. Total area is approx. 8,500 sqm BTA.

    The arrow on the picture shows Vestnes seen from Molde.
  • 935818b433f9578c0791345823eac906


  • 7928b26beba5c7dc9802701de6325185

    RAIIO employs

    RATIO architects have an increasing amount of assignments, and need young, talented architects for a number of interesting future projects.
    The office offers a large and good environment with leading architectural expertise in health, education, culture and environmental projects.

    We encourage young architects to apply who are:    
    - Dedicated    
    - Skilled on BIM tools. We use Revit / Archicad.    
    - Good 3D visualization skills    
    - Work experience from 0- 5 years    
    - Experience with health projects is positive, but not essential

    Send an application to v / CEO Per Anders Borgen
  • 0ad172074acfba6c7585885b6fcd1e41


  • 15b2866fb19fa001a617d947b9a800cb

    The Life Science building at UiO continues

    The Ministry of Education has commissioned Statsbygg to build Norway's largest university building at the University of Oslo.
    The project group VEV, Statsbygg, employees and students at UiO are currently starting to plan the project in detail. The life science building is expected to be completed in  2024, and will accommodate about 1000 employees and 1600 students.

    read more here Statsbygg and Fremtidens byggenæring
  • a5aa388d7c8d87e551f47c4cb242f16f

    New at RATIO

    We are expanding in RATIO and welcome Jeanette-Helèn Sørlie to our team of interior architects. She has long experience working in projects for schools, offices, housing and hotels.
  • d80438684044a30fa3c4e2c27de98d96

    New hospital at Gaustad

    Ratio architects together with the OEC Group, Sweco Norge AS, Arkitema Architects and HOK International LTD have been given the contract for the concept phase for a new hospital at Gaustad in Oslo.

    We look forward to working with a large, complex task with a strong team to optimally solve the concept phase.

    Oslo University Hospital HF will be developed as three hospitals with clear community assignments; a local hospital at Aker, a regional hospital at Gaustad and a specialized cancer hospital at the Radium Hospital. As a prerequisite, a business model has been defined, which means that essentially all regional functions are located at Gaustad, as well as local hospital functions for 3 districts.
    For Gaustad Hospital, a net functional area of ​​34,200 m2 has been calculated, which gives 71,820 m2 gross area. In addition, it is estimated that 17,800 m2 of gross area will be established for the University of Oslo.
  • 3da56be26aae8f04361e85863c49436a

    Prequalified for psychiatric building in Trondheim

    Ratio architects has been prequalified for the competition for Nytt sikkerhetsbygg of St. Olav's Hospital in Trondheim in collaboration with NCC Norge as, Karlsson  architects, Schønherr and Cowi.

    We are looking forward to working with a strong team and to be given the opportunity to contribute to a good framework for psychiatric treatment.
  • db9b606bc11a46fbeb132f3bbf2ce2b408498a674a3571d5a564f3b0232f2279

    RATIO wins Brønnøysundregistrene

    RATIO in cooperation with Søren Nielsen AS has won the competition for the new building for the Brønnøysund Registers.

    The new building on the quayside of Brønnøysund sets off an exciting city development in the city center, giving the company modern workplaces.
  • 424432c1af51f8c5bf0ef9590156cc75

    RATIO is part of the team for the New Drammen Hospital

    LINK arkitektur AS, in collaboration with RATIO Arkitekter and BØLGEBLIKK arkitekter, was victorious in the contest to draw New Drammen Hospital.

    "I am very pleased with the recognition that comes with drawing such an important project. Our vision is «we build spaces for better life», what is then more important than building good, human and healing hospitals. We are today engaged in hospital design throughout all of Scandinavia and utilize our experience and expertise across these countries to create future-oriented and sustainable hospital that patients, employees and the city will be proud of,says Mette Dan-Weibel", LINK Arkitektur’s Scandinavian Healthcare Director.

    The collaborating partners believe that the new Drammen hospital is a particularly exciting project to develop. It is an urban hospital that should merge into the city structure of Drammen in a good way and strengthens the city's contact with the sea and to Lierstranda.

    "We have established a very strong team for this task, with resources and expertise from LINK arkitektur, RATIO and BØLGEBLIKK. The team's overall Scandinavian hospital expertise, in collaboration with our urbanists and landscape competencies, will make the new hospital in Drammen a place where all people feel welcome within a safe environment with the health service, while the hospital will become a very attractive workplace.

    We are looking forward to the collaboration with Helse Sør Øst, RHF, Sykehusbygg, the other advisers and future users of the hospital, who will work together with us on the sketch project with the vision «Insight and Renewal», says Kjell Rasmussen, leader of the architecture team.

    "The three architect offices represent very high competence and extensive experience, and complement each other well in a challenging task. We are looking forward to cooperate in the architect's team, with the other designers and with the commissioner - with the mission to create good hospital for the future, says CEO RATIO Architects, Per Anders Borgen.


    The contract was signed on December 14th, with LINK arkitektur as contracting party and RATIO and BØLGEBLIKK as subcontractors.

    The contract is for architecture, interior architecture and landscape architecture

    Start-up for design is in January 2018 and expected completion of construction is 2024

    Planned construction start is scheduled for 2019

    Drammen hospital is located in Vestre Viken in Drammen, Norway, 121.000 square meters, cost frame 8.6 billion NOK
  • 5b7432b9204b3b22b8d32e0fe3b0d2aa

    New church on Tau

    RATIO have won a limited planning and design competition for new church on Tau in Strand district council.

    The competition is in collaboration with HBA arkitekter COWI.

    See more.

    Strand kyrkjeleg fellesråd
    Vaffelhjerte_A1.pdf >>
  • 9307f394b767418f7513b69de807b889


    Sara Olson at Ratio is qualified to hold the AP role in projects to be certified according to BREEAM-NOR.

    Ratio has from previously approved BREEAM Assessor Marta Eggertsen.
  • 3c5ff2b51484d4e5e29f13ee1ba085d4

    Public bath in Jåttåvågen

    Ratio, together with Lala Tøyen, have been commissioned by Stavanger Development KF to develop a feasibility study for a PUBLIC BATH in Jåttåvågen, Stavanger.
  • 27bdc63017c5f114b5b29804ee05ca7c


    Norwegian text only.
    See norwegian web page.
  • c41fc721625fa42cf8c1aaaae5231d1a

    LEV VEL in Gran

    RATIO have won a limited planning and design competition for new nursing homes for elderly people at Sagatangen in Gran.
    The competition is in collaboration with Linje Arkitektur, Bar Bakke landskapsarkitekter, Erichsen & Horgen, WSP Norway and Ing. Per Rasmussen.

  • New framework agreement for Ratio

    Ratio has in collaboration with ACK arkitekter as signed a framework agreement for architectural work with Omsorgsbygg Oslo KF.
  • 423defd0b66da40b9777cc59f584dc19


  • 842a23d2396936e05fd922a894b9dbf4

    Sørlandet Hospital

  • 5fc98e91b0032c74af16e82f9b2e60c3

    UiT The Arctic University of Norway - Narvik

  • 0a9133438447329e499dbbe26df85541


  • 3fa2e90bd183d39d34638ec053f9f35a

    DMS Brønnøysund

  • 38612809982c1f9b10cfce821902ba31

    Ratio prequalifies for Tau church

  • f4e76528f2244a7ca0641f754a035520

    Booklet about SE OPP

    SINTEF has published a booklet about the SE OPP - projects.

    read the report here
  • 37883308ff0bbb742773203855551518

    Energy consulting as part of upgrading

    Marta Eggertsen has completed Enova and the Low Energy Programme course in energy efficiency of housing.

    Ratio Architects are approved as energy advisers for Enova as part of a plan for upgrading existing houses. The aim is to achieve the present energy requirements for new built houses with increased comfort and better living qualities.
    Contact Ratio or Enova for more information and read more here
  • 4335463104c2d42dfed1251bfb8ca146

    S E O P P

    SEOPPHUSENE recently completed in Oslo and Bergen are two pilot projects as a result of the research project SEOPP - Systematic Energy Upgrade of standard houses 2013-16.

    Ratio architects has cooperated with SINTEF and Mesterhus AS to develop good energy solutions corresponding to the current requirements for standard houses from 1960 to 1990. In addition to energy upgrading there has been a major focus on improved living qualities in the houses. Open and flexible solutions, increased daylight transmission, open plan solutions both vertically and horisontally, better accessibilty, better use of all spaces, one additional bedroom, contemproary design borh externally and internally, are qualities we want to achieve in the SEOPP houses.

    Ratio Architects are approved as energy advisers for Enova as part of a plan for upgrading existing houses. The aim is to achieve the present energy requirements for new built houses with increased comfort and better living qualities.

    See the SEOPP house in Oslo here
  • b391ed52a08989f059ef29bc3396225b

    Kvinabadet opens

  • 925d6725235496a7d87bc93b548e0f28

    Arena for YMCA

  • b1627e1f29c4c9fe2c2658c664ac2188

    The Government Building Complex in Oslo

    Ratio, LPO, A-lab, iArk, Gullik Gulliksen, Olav Olsen, Sweco og Norconsult are toghether prequalified for a planning and design competition for the Government Building Complex in Oslo. We are looking forward to cooperate as part of the group G8+.

    Read more about the competition on Statsbygg's webpage here.
  • 4ecf3eb4e5d6b5693c8263b594f87255

    BIM in competitions


    Our manager Per Anders Borgen participated in a lecture on the use of BIM in competitions.

    Arkitektbedriftene in Norway and Norwegian Association of Architects have joined forces to organize a series of afternoon courses, focusing on developments and challenges in the architectural market. The course "BIM in competitions" was the first topic of this meeting series, and was held on September 27.

  • db84677781fb745be6b509f91286b9a2

    We have been prequalified for a competition at Bergen Museum

    We are prequalified for limited planning and design for new public buildings at the Old Bergen Museum. The museum is part of the Foundation Bergen City Museum , and the competition will commence in mid-October .

    More information on the museum here
  • 88dff42631ec98f6097c5dab4c847042

    New municipal plan in Stavanger

    Stavanger has created new municipal where among other things adds up to a commercial high-rise buildings on the square in front of the cultural center.

    Hear Per Christian voice his opinion in the radio show kulturnytt.

  • 0ae456b0bf8c75f5cd20741fcf4a92f2

    Ratio has a new CEO

    Ratio has a new CEO

    Per Anders Borgen has taken over from the management of our office from Sverre Svendsen.
  • 93ff179d68b302e1d1c59ec8b5c160a8

    SEOPP project finished

    The "SEOPP" project at Årvoll is finished!

    The newspaper Aftenposten interviewed the owners and Karin Hagen, one of the architects responsible. 

    Read the article here.
  • 33c668baa375a6b94ffa3081826296d1

    Ratio in Venice

    The Swedish Architecture and Design centrum is in charge of the exhibition in the Nordic pavilion for 2016, in cooperation with the Finnish Architecture Museum and the Norwrgian National Museum. David Basulto, founder of the website ArchDaily, is the selected curator of the exhibition.

    The Biennial 2016 is now officially opened and 133 Nordic companies represented is represented in the Nordic pavilion. Ratio has two projects exhibited  - Stavanger Concert Hall and The knowledge center at St. Olav Hospital. The exhibition is a selection of Norwegian , Swedish and Finnish architecture as it is right now.

    Find out more of the other projects here.
  • 3e48ecb4ade5cd7d74fcbaa327422041

    RATIO prequalified for Telemark Museum

    We are prequalified for a limited planning and design competition for the new museum building for Telemark Museum Skien.

    The new building will form a new entrance to Brekkeparken - which for over a century has been the folk museum with Southern Brekke Manor 1780 as the dominant building - and will house exhibition spaces and other public facilities and offices.
    The project cost is about 124 million excluding VAT, the building's size about 3,000 m2. There are five teams that are prequalified for the competition.
  • a428d9cc837c3714ebd2a5f6ae3280d2

    Follow the "SEOPP" project blog

    The "SEOPP" project planning process is done,  and construction has started.

     The "SEOPP"demo house project plans have been approved and Enova has pledged support and the Housing Bank has provided loans. Construction began in January 2016.

    The building gets a new roof with extra insulation, new cladding and extra insulation in the walls, insulated basement floor, new three-tier windows and new doors, ventilation with heat recovery, heat pump and clean burning wood stove.

    Read more on the project blog. 
  • 91d0159d907b9548376de228f3a33319

    Ratio represented at Energy Efficiency in Poland

    Marta Eggertsen is in Poland to present Norwegian housing-architecture.

    The conference on Energy Efficiency is a collaboration between the Polish Ministry of Environment and the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate, among others.

    Rean more on the project here.
  • 029636ba3934bffb629f520b94eb7801

    "Vinterlyd" concert in Stavanger

    Vinterlyd was held in the amphitheater at the Stavanger Concert Hall, with over 10,000 spectators. 
     Vinterlyd is a concert tour organized by the Cancer Society and P4. The tour has been organized for ten years and will be involved in creating awareness about the efforts made to overcome cancer.

  • 5c1aaf8863e9b20069d83e34ee7c46be

    The pilot project delivered on Martina Hansens Hospital

    In the spring of 2015, Hartmann Project Counseling AS, Norconsult AS and Ratio Architects Ltd - won the tender on the preparation of feasibility study for MHH. The pilot project was delivered on 15 November 2015.

    The hospital wants to modernize and expand all its departments to increase the number of patients and effectiveness of their treatment. The building contains both expanded operations department and ward, new radiology and prøvetakningsenhet and new polyclinics. In addition, an entirely new central sterile customized increased business and new central warehouse receipt and an overall waste unit.

    Read more on the project here.
  • 48ff555c8bbdec29feea1a2f9a9d196f

    We are competing in the 2015 WAN AWARDS!

    We are competing in the category "Colour in Architecture", with our Concert Hall in Stavanger. 

    Rean more on the Concert Hall here, and more on the competition here!
  • 40929b6e5c5b621b01f6ac4c18091f54

    Congratulations to Trondheim Cinema!

    This recent reconstruction includes new public spaces, new logistical solutions and service spaces. 
    The original cinema entrance on the corner Krambugata / Olav Tryggvason street - Nova Corner! - Is re-established, after the cinema over the last decade has had the main entrance of Lilletorget. New stairs and elevator leading the audience into the kiosk and foyer area downstairs, which is extensively upgraded.
    A new escalator connects cinema areas respectively U, floor and 4th floor. The work also includes upgrading of public foyer on the 4th floor. The new solution cleans up the audience logistics and facilitates a more efficient operation. And perhaps most importantly: "Nova Corner" is recaptured!

  • d5e8ddd64918d263be7c15bb8608c69c

    Prequalified in Ulsteinvik!

    We are prequalified for limited planning and design for new Ulstein church, in collaboration with Hansen & Bjorndal architects.
    The new building will be integrated with the existing church from 1849, located close to the city centre in Ulsteinvik center. The competition will be decided 2016. 
  • 4943418ae3335de6e05c069acc2255cf

    Brønnøysund Register Centre

    The Register Centre will get a new, modern and functional office building in the centre of Brønnøysund, a small scenic town on the coast of Helgeland. The project comprises 17 200m2 office space for about 630 employees. 

    Read more at, see the film here
  • Film from St. Olavs Hospital

    St. Olavs won 2014 award for innovation in universal design.   

    See the film here, more on the seminar held in Trondheim in september here.
  • 32ab77d3197d580fbcf16aa711888aa2

    We won in Sauda!

    Ratio architects together with Opus architects Haugesund, was named the winners of the competition for a new cultural building - "the house of the people"

    the project is a restauration of the existing 1931 building, with an additional 800m2 containing a café, auditorium and a cultural school.
  • 50813c6d0981ba61d2830054c7b2f40c

    Prequalified in Gothenborg!

    We are prequalified for a planning & design competition for a larger development at Sahlgrenska sjukhuset in Gothenburg, in cooperation with Nyréns Arkitektkontor.
    The building will accommodate hospital functions, in addition to teaching and research area, about 80,000 m2.
  • 0f37dc2154c1e2d6216a981661472f73

    Stavanger Concert Hall nominated for the 2015 architectural award

    Stavanger Concert Hall is amongst the 20 nominees for the National Assosiation of Norwegian Architects architectural award 2015.

    The price will be awarded in Trondheim on the "day of architecture" on september 17. The price is NOK 100 000,- as well as a diploma and a plaque attatched to the actual project.

    More on the award here, and out project here.
  • e6c23a5f1f985687d70714dca4194cf8

    Trondheim´s St. Olavs hospital is the winner of "Attractive city award" 2015

    In competition with Stavanger Øst and Lillestrøm, St. Olavs hospital in Trondheim was choosen as the winner of the Attractive city award 2015.

    The price "Attractive city" price was for the first time awarded by Kommunal- og moderniseringsdepartementet. There was 346 nominations in total, and 3 finalists were named.

    Read more. 
  • 9209cd25044e20281edfebf5529bf9da

    New project at Martina Hansens Hospital

    Ratio in cooperation with Hartmann Prosjektrådgivning AS and Norconsult AS, is developing an extention at Martina Hansens Hospital in Bærum.

    Martina Hansens Hospital is a Foundation-owned specialty hospitals in orthopedics, orthopedic surgery, revmakirurgi and rheumatology and treats more than 4,500 patients annually, and a large number of polikiniske treatments. The hospital has about 330 employees, and the hospital's services are part of the regional health plan for Health South-East.

    In addition to the three main suppliersn the group consists of sub-advisers SINTEF, Nosyko AS and Pro Integrated Management AS.

    Ratio and its partners are already working on the pilot project, which is scheduled for delivery in november this year. The group has an option for the subsequent detailed project.

    Read more on the hospital's website here.
  • 149f775c0ba14a6b1f3e0887b9acef4a

    Kommunenes hus nominated for the City of Oslo architecture award

    Kummunenes hus i Oslo is amongst the 42 nominees for the City of Oslo architecture award

    Read more about the nomination here. For more information about the project click here.
  • 2da77e3e0842004411fa55f11c841af6

    The house of the People, Sauda

    Ratio architects together with Opus architects Haugesund, Cowi and Brekke Strand acoustics prequalified for a limited competition for a new cultural building - "the house of the people".

    the project is a restauration of the existing 1931 building, with an additional 800m2 containing a café, auditorium and a cultural school.
  • 22b37751d8dd94234bcb8a53774031aa

    New health centre in Rauma municipality

    Ratio Architects in collaboration with NCC, Ola Roald Architects and Streken Architects are prequalified as 1 of 6 teams for a new health center in Rauma municipality.

    The health centre will, in addition to nursing functions, contain municiple activities within the municipal health service. The building is 8800m2 and will be located in Åndalsnes.
  • eb20af1147c2d3b28ffdaa5950188aef

    Ogna School

    Ratio Architects in collaboration with Bjørbekk & Lindheim landscape architects are prequalified for  the limited plan and design competition for a new Ogna school in Hå district council, Jæren.

    The school will house 300 students from 1st to 10th grade, with completion in December 2017. Six teams are participating in the competition, which will be judged in June.

  • 2a70c012f1939f5effa2322afba3b881

    New Accident and Emergency department in Oslo

    Ratio architects are engaged in a project of the Oslo council to prepare a feasibility study for the localization of new Accident and Emergency department in the greater Oslo area.

    In addition to architectural services, the project group comprises professional health, technical, legal and economic advisers.
    The work includes studies of alternative site solutions and implementation models for the placement of new Accident and Emergency department.
  • 888ef725269bdb10d3ab425c910f3c2c

    Green network in Poland

    Norwegian and Polish architects and other stakeholders in environmentally friendly construction have received support from Innovasjon Norge to a "green network" of companies. Arkitektbedriftene are the initiator of the project.

    Arkitektbedriftene and Project manager Marta Eggertsen from Ratio Architects have received support from Innovation Norway to form a "green buildings" corporate networks with the following partners:
    Ratio, Snøhettta, NSW, H&M, FutureBuilt and SINTEF Byggforsk.

    The project is in the preliminary project phase and expires in April this year. The objective is to cooperate with Polish companies with the intent to implement healthy zero-energy or plus-energy construction projects with low CO2 footprint in Poland, and perhaps in the longer term in Norway.
  • 4c706f28fdea1f25d618ad6db54cba1c

    Local hospital in Alta

    We are engaged to design a local hospital in Alta in cooperation with COWI AS, Hospitalitet AS and AS Bygganalyse. The hospital will strengthen specialist services in West Finnmark, and will be an expansion of Alta Health Center.
  • a30ad0bac6b9f6fda8e3399c374c2750

    Prelimenary design delivered

    The design team has delivered preliminary phase material to Statsbygg for the new building for Brønnøysundregistrene.

    The design is developed in an interdisciplinary collaboration, as well as through interaction with representatives from Brønnøysundregistrene and Statsbygg.

    Read more
  • 9d65c1c38674988a346cc068d8a1a3ab


    The winner of the competiton for a new Life Science centre at the University in Oslo has been announced today - and we won!

    The winner team was a collaboration between Ratio arkitekter as,  Cubo Arkitekter a/s, Alt arkitektur as, Kristine Jensens Tegnestue, Erichsen og Horgen AS, MOE AS, Ingeniør Per Rasmussen, Høyer Finseth AS og Malnes & Endresen AS.

    Read more
  • 0eee997dce876c7344d6aea6718c1731

    RATIO prequalifies in Asker

    Ratio in collaboration with Bjørbekk & Lindheim Landskapsarkitekter, Context, Esbensen Ingeniører (DK) and  Solveig Nordtømme are prequalified for a limited architecture competition for a new kindergarten in Heggedal, Asker.
  • 73573c715543cfa0975f1dec432466c8

    St. Olavs Hospital awarded in Toronto

    The recently completed St Olavs Hospital in Trondheim, Norway received a total of seven awards at this year's prestigious Design & Health International Academy Awards 2014, announced in a prestigious ceremony on the 12 July at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel in Toronto, Canada. The hospital is designed by Ratio in collaboration with Nordic for Helsebygg Midt-Norge (Central Norway Regional Health Authority).
    Considered by the judges to be at the leading edge of innovation in terms of both its adoption of digital technology, its approach to health promotion and the way the hospital design had been integrated with the city, St Olavs was judged to be the overall winner of three categories, including International Health Project (over 40,000 sqm); International Salutogenic Design; and Product Design for Healthcare Application for an interactive digital installation that assist patients and families to educate themselves about their health.

    The hospital was also highly commended in the category, Use of Art in the Patient Environment; whilst its specialist Knowledge Centre building received high commendations in Sustainable Design; Interior Design and International Health Project (under 40,000 sqm).

    Read more about The Design & Health International Academy Awards
  • 0d6ff1879bcae0d12b59481b4132d04e


  • d1fb805dc7ff9ee2d6d868d3d7e144630b75b0c2426d6ec8dcc60a7b58493db9670993a4f4c8de5b495d5f3a451601d3a7bcd6d91f634f811c5249813be0ad0786583d6f91417f39bfd638c901bfd44160163a0cdf0b2e41282a8e9a2f11d07c41f2342eb7e07b01616b144be454f9e1a7ca5e49b7a9fa49eefa12e16954d14e085044abafcf045c3c088b349593f974

    S E O P P !

    Systematic Energy Upgrade of standard houses from 1960 - 1990
    Ratio works on concepts for upgrading the standard house from 60 -, 70 - and 80's. Have you or do you know someone who has a family house from that period?  Interested? - sign up here.
  • 20c671e7974aaa110b5de21ae8103938

    RATIO prekvalifisert for Lyse Energi

      Ratio Architects together with Jensen & Skodvin Architects are prequalified for the competition for a new office building for Lyse Energi in Stavanger.
    We compete with AROS, DARK, Eder Biesel and LPO.
  • a6eb44e854638a22bff83ae2c315c3df


    Stavanger Concert Hall is the winner of the Quadrennial Award for practical excellence in design for 2014.

    The award goes to the building's architect RATIO Arkitekter AS and stage engineering AIX Arkitekter AB - Theatre. The award is presented by The Society of Theatre Consultants and was announced at the International Theatre Engineering and Architecture Conference in London on June 9.

    Among a wide range of nominees, 15 buildings were included in the final. Runner up for the Stavanger Concert Hall were Temporary Theater Speelhuis in Helmond, Holland  and MAC in Belfast, UK.
  • 245e26baec5f2e397105c8120f5bcd71

    New exhibition at DogA

    June 10th The Centre for Norwegian Design- and Architecture will open a new major exhibition Under Construction! Our Common Architecture and Landscapes.

    The exhibition presents building projects and initiatives from many of the most important public angencies in the field of buliding and construction. It gives a broad insight into the comprehensive public building projects. The exhibition presents projects which affect you and community you are part of, every day.

    Read more here

    Link to exhibition catalogue
  • ff5b8a27ceea009314c6e12783af6929


    Arkitektbedriftene in Norway currently has an exhibition in Krakow about new Norwegian architecture, with particular focus on a sustainable perspective. Ratio is represented in the exhibition with the Knowledge Centre at St Olav's Hospital in Trondheim (conducted in collaboration with Nordic - Office of architecture).
    View the brochure
    Krakow utstilling.pdf >>
  • ca434567b15a77fe18e9390fdf485b68

    Tangenten in ARKITEKTUR N

    Tangenten - Nesodden kommunesenter is presented in the latest edition of Arkitektur N. Ratio has designed the project in collaboration with Landskapsarkitektene Berg & Dyring AS and Beate Ellingsen interiørarkitekter AS.

    Read more.
  • 80ef8778b23042bf7f20a892baeac907

    Ratio prequalifies in Sandnessund

  • 3bee58fdd2c5f3f3e055eda057903d3c

    New office building in Bodø

    Ratio is engaged to design a new office building for Nordland Hospital in Bodø.

    The new building is in addition to the ongoing development of the hospital, and it will contain 209 clinical office spaces. In addition, the building will house the new Hospital Pharmacy and a remote storage for Helse Nord IKT.
  • e2d8267abe222fd300e13f50c603d694

    Pre-qualified for the Life Science building

    We are pre-qualified for participation in the restricted design contest for the Life Science building in Oslo. In cooperation with Alt arkitektur, Cubo arkitekter (DK), Erichsen og Horgen, MOE (DK), Engineer Per Rasmussen and Kristine Jensens Tegnestue (DK).

    The building will include new research and education departments for life science, chemistry and pharmacy at the University and will have a size of approx. 67,000 m2. The lot is located in Gaustadbekkdalen.
  • 15f8f6db6af7f18ec64c134bcf5a3c79

    RATIO in Stockholm


    Ratio in collaboration with Nyréns Arkitektkontor are chosen to design a new hospital building at Ersta Hospital on Södermalm in Stockholm after carrying out a limited competition with six participating teams.
    The new building will be approximately 25,000 m2 and will house all somatic functions at Ersta and a hospice ward.

  • 6722e9795bdd60c809b308a1288a6ece

    New framework agreements for RATIO

    Ratio has signed a framework agreement for architectural work with Avinor / OSL Gardermoen.

    We have also entered into a framework agreement with Northern Norway Regional Health Authority (Helse Nord RHF) covering the counties of Nordland, Troms and Finnmark.
  • 252df7fe3ab140c7b1004d2c4da68111


    After waiting for 4 years on allocated funds from the national budget, the detail design of the Building for medicine and health (MH2) in the University of Tromsø finally starts up. 
    read more
  • d991a0581439208281a78bbae39b9f40

    New Church in Kopervik

    RATIO in collaboration with Hansen & Bjørndal arhchitects are pre-qualified for planning  and design competition for a new church in Kopervik, Karmøy.
  • 38e34e0750d41139ad521aad6c20a1c2

    RATIO’s entry purchased

    RATIO’s entry ‘Max’ was purchased at the open competition for the new city hall in Bodø.
    Link to Bodø kommune.
  • 0b4df072258fc08d985c9884c3326e30

    The knowledge Centre ini Dezeen

    The hospital that does not look like a hospital.

    Per Anders Borgen of Ratio Architects explains how the design team used raw materials to "remove the institutional look" from the interior of a student facility at St. Olav's Hospital in Trondheim, Norway

    Read more and see interview
  • ffcfab2043a377e5067ac57a4fc3443d

    Open BIM

    Use of openBIM was central during the design phase of "Nytt Folkehelseinstitutt".

    Read more in this article from buildingSMART. (Norwegian)