Remodeling of Nova cinema centre

Client Trondheim Kino Nova cinema in Folkets Hus can accommodate about 1,100 seats in 11 theaters. RATIO architects engaged for an upgrade of the public areas and for new audiences logistics.
Originally there was one movie theater in theĀ Folkets Hus; Sentrun Kino with about 1,000 seats. In the 1990s cinema retooled to accommodate five halls; the Liv Ullmann theater with about 450 seats, and four theaters from 90 to 120 seats. In 2004 Trondheim cinema took over the assembly rooms on the 4th floor and built these into six halls. The cinema's main entrance was moved to the facade facing Lilletorget and the historic cinema hall in "Nova Corner" was taken over by a real estate company.

In Ratio winning project in an architectural competition in 2012, we proposed to move the cinema entrance to the "Nova Corner." The Vestibule was "re-established" and the audience is led into the elegant foyer downstairs. Digitization of cinemas means that cinema technical "tower" that lay between halls on the lower floors, can be established as an escalator connection between the two theater areas, respectively underetg / 1.etg and the 4th floor.

The conversion results in a greatly enhanced public logistics, simplified control, larger and more audience friendly kiosk and foyer area - and not least: Nova corner - the historical cinema corner - will be re-established theater entrance. Public areas upgraded with new color schemes, materials and lighting.

The new Nova cinema will be completed in the autumn of 2015.close >>