Ogna School

Proposal in limited design competition in 2015

RATIO Architects in collaboration with Bjørbekk & Lindheim landscape architects.
Area: Ca 4650 m2 BTA  

The school is located nearby Ogna church, in between the rolling landscape towards the beaches and a sheltered space in the landscape surrounded by hills and moorland.

The school building is drawn eastward on the site, to distance itself to the county road, and provide space and sight lines around the church and cemetery. The school building's layout and massing reflects a clear wish that the various school departments should constitute their own identities. A central two-storey volume contains common functions; main entrance, canteen, amphitheater, multipurpose hall, library, special rooms. School divisions are added as wings in a "rotating" movement around the central volume of communal spaces. A small atrium creates an intimate, sheltered outdoor space as a contrasting counterpart to the great open landscape outside.  

The departments of the three school levels are given identity as "small schools in the a larger volume": they are designed as separate wings with their own outdoor space. Classrooms appear as separate volumes - houses that children can recognize as their own - surrounding a unifying indoor gathering area in each department.

Openness between floors and views in several directions give a clear identity to public spaces as unifying, inviting rooms in the school system.

The outdoor area is subdivided into zones of different characters and with different possibilities for activity. The outdoor areas for the small children are screened and safe, whilst the middle school students' outdoor space opens more towards the outside world.  

Ratio proposal was ranked # 2 in the competition.close >>