Sauda Folkets Hus

RATIO arkitekter AS together with OPUS architects Haugesund, was named the winners of the competition for a new "house of the people" for the town of Sauda in 2015.

The project is approximately 950m2 new construction and includes a cafe, a multipurpose room and spaces for the cultureschool. In addition, the existing Sauda Folkets Hus, a neoclassical assembly hall from 1931, built by volunteers from Sauda furnace will be restored and adjusted to Universal Design. This is building is regarded as the nation's most typical and best kept example of a assembly hall of the working class in this period.

The building is characterized by a light and open covered courtroom between the new and the old. It functions equally as an entry space and cafe. From this central room one gains access to the multipurpose room and to the stairs and elevator to the big hall in the existing structure. The culture school has several practice rooms in the back for the building.

Construction started in the autumn of 2016 and the building was opened in the spring of 2018.close >>