Martina Hansens Hospital

5.000m2 newbuild
2.146m2 refurbishment

In the spring of 2015, Hartmann Project Counseling AS, Norconsult AS and Ratio Architects Ltd - won the tender on the preparation of feasibility study for MHH. The pilot project was delivered on 15 November 2015.

Martina Hansens Hospital in Bærum municipality owned by the foundation Martina Hansens Hospital is a specialized hospital within orthopedic surgery and rheumatology. The hospital has operating agreements with "helse Sør-Øst".

MHH was originally built as tuberculosis hospital in 1936 with large terraces facing the countryside. The facility is well preserved and has a status as worthy of preservation. 

The hospital wants to modernize and expand all its departments to increase the number of patients and effectiveness of their treatment. The building contains both expanded operations department and ward, new radiology and prøvetakningsenhet and new polyclinics. In addition, an entirely new central sterile customized increased business and new central warehouse receipt and an overall waste unit.

In existing hospital is built on enabling existing departments is well linked with the new building and the logistics flows well. Existing postoperative department expands bring increased operational activity and collocated as a device for both outpatient surgery and major surgery.Existing vestibule with waiting areas being opened up and upgraded so that patients effectively get the help they need and navigate. The heritage of history and gardens will also be made available for waiting patients and other visitors. Department for non medical service are collocated and several staff changing rooms being built.close >>