New Health Centre for Rauma Municipality

The town house -byen in the house
A city fascinates because it has its own pulse and life that is constantly changing. It consists of interchanging players. One is performer, the other a spectator, the roles are complementary and important. It is desirable that the new Health building will be a place where people with different purposes meet.

The combination of a nursing home and health center, a multi-use, allows the residents to be able to receive impulses from a new environment with slightly increased dynamics, while requirements for shielding and security must be safeguarded.

Motion - experience
Rauma vision is to become "world's best municipality for nature-loving people." Public health and an active lifestyle is a conscious priority in the municipality, and there are plenty of opportunities for adventure in nature. The vision should apply throughout the life cycle, even when the citizens are no longer quite as active or mobile.

The building encourages movement, curiosity and experience

The building invites curiosity, movement and experience. Movement between buildings, contact with the city floor, moving from the private to the public, staring out at the landscape, climbing stairs, getting your hair done, sitting in the cafe, take a stroll in the park, listening to the birds, watch children play, basking in the sun, smell the Rudbeckia laciniata - kiss me over the fence - the sensory garden.close >>