SEOPP House, Oslo


206 m2


Completed in 2016

The house situated on Ã…rvoll in Oslo is part of the pilot research project SEOPP - which is systematic energy upgrading of small houses. Ratio has cooperated with SINTEF, Mesterhus, several industrial partners and suppliers.

The house dates from 1965. It has been upgraded to Enova's * level 2 which is equivalent to low energy level and better than the current requirements. It was a cold house and the client wanted more comfort, one additional bedroom and include the basement in the living area.

In addition to a strong focus on energy solutions, we achieved increased spacial quaility with open plan solutions both vertically and horisontally, better accessibilty, better use of all spaces and more daylight.

Credits: Photos Jiri Havran

* Enova SF is owned by the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy and contributes to reduced greenhouse gas emissions, development of energy and climate technology and a strengthened security of supply.close >>