Fjord pool Årdalstangen

Private initiativ | Ratio arkitekter

Indoor pool 400m²
Otdoor area 1 400m² including floating pool, stage, beach and terraces.

Illustrated idea 2016

RATIO Architects AS has developed an idea from a private initiator in Årdal. The Fjord pool is about the dream of swimming in the fjord where the water usually is very cold - every day throughout the summer and extending the season.
The Fjord pool will give visitors to Årdal a new attraction allowing for a bath out of the ordinary.  But the most important thing is still to open up to the people who live in Årdal to see new opportunities in their community.

An indoor public bath with a small pool, a children's pool, changing rooms and café is proposed to be situated in the Meieripark on Årdalstangen. A floating dock is located in the fjord with two heated pools, diving tower, mobile sauna and sun decks. In the shoreline, it is proposed to build a beach. An outdoor stage floor for concerts and other events is located in the park.

The pools and other facilities can be heated using waste heat from the industry in Årdal.

Illustration showing diving tower/warm bath: Mir
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