FHI Myhrens verksted

Public Health Institute (FHI)

900 m2 BTA rehab

Completed 2015

It was decided that the Public Health Institute (FHI)
will centralize all of its activities in a new building.
To start the work with preparing employees for the
move from single offices to open-plan work landscapes,
FHI set out to make a pilot.

When three departments needed to relocate into larger
spaces, it was decided to test some of the major principles
that could be further developed in the new building.
Open-plan, acoustical devices, adequate facilities
such as silent rooms, meeting rooms and quite quiet areas/furniture
for using the phone were focus points for planning the new
offices. Ergonomic workplaces had to offer enough space
for working and storing, as well as both acoustic and visual screens.
To keep daylight flowing into the lower spaces, a large excisting opening
between the floors was kept and used as an open stair- and sitting area
for presentations and meetings.

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