Tau church

Strand kommune

1545 m2

1. prize in limited planning and design competition 2017. 

With the proposal V A F F E L H J E R T E (waffel hearts), Ratio Architects, HBA Architects and COWI (landscape) won a limited planning and design competition for a new church at Tau.
The church is located right in the heart of the centre of Tau aiming to become a central venue for the community. The site is located in the transition between urban and rural qualities. The new church deliberately cultivates the contrasts between the landscape and the village center.
The church is organized in 3 main parts; church functions, activity section and administration. The church tower crowns the square and announces the church towards the village. The inner church square is central in the organization. The church room and square have a total capacity for at least 420 seats.

See link for plans, sections, elevations and situation     
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