New Hospital at Gaustad

The further development of the Gaustad area with the goal of creating one, integrated, functional and modern hospital where national, regional and local functions are gathered. The new development has a gross area of 119.000 m2 in fase1, which is based on patient growth until 2035.
The chosen concept ‘comb’ continues the structure and functional principles of the existing Rikshospital, but places the wards on top of the treatment areas. This insures a compact hospital with short distances and effective treatment of patients. The building is designed with an emphasis on generic and flexible treatment areas, in order better suit the integration and unity of the organisation.

Architecturally the building contrasts with the Rikshospital’s relatively low brick buildings. By placing a new square in the east and stepping down the building volumes, a light, open and entrance is created. The New Hospital at Gaustad will have a contemporary expression that reflects the current needs and advancements in hospital design.

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