St.Olav’s Hospital, Accident and Emergency Centre and Heart and Lung Centre

Team St. Olav:

Medplan AS  architects
NSW architects
Arstad architects

Helsebygg Midt-Norge

40 000 m2 

Completed in 2009

AHL is two centers in one building: The Accident and Emergency Center and Heart and Lung Centre. 

The central Accident and Emergency Centre in the north wing is organized in a vertical axis with two large elevators. On the roof there is a helipad and in the basement ambulance and acute reception. The elevators provide fast access to operating theatres, intensive care and close monitoring.

The acute center is in white concrete, with double sets of windows and natural anodized aluminium. This provides substantial acoustic properties for the helipad on the roof, where large Sea King helicopters an land. The acute department and orthopedic emergency center have their own red entrances, which are lit at night, to emphasize their function in the city.

The medical specialties of the Acute centre and Heart and Lung Center is acute medicine, emergency help, heart and lung medicine, heart and lung surger and diagnosis. The centre contains university research and educational facilities as well as the central kitchen and sterile central for the whole of St. Olav’s Hospital.

The Heart and Lung Centre is in masonry and wood, and is architecturally related to the Movement and Gastro centre. The total costs of the AHL is 2 200 million kroner, i.e. approximately 55 000 kroner per square meter including equipment for the hospital and university.close >>