St. Olav University Hospital, Women and Children`s Centre, Trondheim

Team St. Olav:

Medplan AS architects
Madsø Sveen architects AS

Helsebygg Midt-Norge

28 000 m2 new build and 7000 m2 rehabilitations


Completed 2005

The Women and Children’s centre is one of the buildings in the open, urban city structure in the new St. Olav’s Hospital in Trondheim. The centre contains clinical functions in the areas of gynecology, birth centre, pediatrics, pediatric surgery as well as polyclinical services within child and adolescent psychiatrics. The centre also contains fetal medicine and neonatology, and an infertility unit.

In addition there are general service facilities, research and education facilities.

Masonry is used in external facades to connect the centre to the rest of the hospital. The centre expresses its individuality and uniqueness through volume proportions and dimensions and a light and open appearance, inviting for both children and adults.

For easy orientation within the large complex, all communication areas open on the courtyard, separated by a glass wall which defines the physical extensions of the courtyard. The inner courtyard will be an attractive recreational area for patients and employees. The building has a calm appearance adapted to the special situation of the patients, while also providing movement, dynamism and colours adapted to the various patients’ need for experience.close >>