Nordland Hospital, Bodø

Nordland Hospital Trust

Building phase 1
Completed 2006: 8000 m2 new building/ 2000 m2 rehabilitation

Building phase 2
Part 1 completed 2012: 1500 m2 new building/ 1500 m2 rehabilitation
Part 2 completed 2016: 24,000 m2 new building/ 9,000 m2 rehabilitation
Part 3 under construction: 4,000 m2 new building/ 22.000 m2 rehabilitation
Total 72.000 m2

Completion 2019-2020

Development and modernization of Nordlandssykehuset Somatic Bodø

Comprehensive development with a large proportion of new buildings between historic hospital buildings, all completely refurbished. The development is carried out in phases as the hospital is operational.

The original main building will be modernized and includes a new main entrance facing south with a new plaza and adjacent park. The prominent existing northern building from the 1960s will be completely renovated and extended. The facade will be clad with light granite similar to all the new buildings.

The new buildings comprise a laboratory building, a medical central building and a new glass street with underlying culvert. The glass street binds all sections together and manages good communication across the major axis of the new main entrance to the old north entrance, serving as the new staff entrance in the future.

The intention is to make a unity between the old and new. New functions are located between existing buildings and departments relocated for better logistics and modern operation. The new facades are made of light granite and glass to interact with the old stone façade of the original hospital buildings.
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