Haraldsplass Hospital, Bergen

Ratio arkitekter AS
Origo arkitekter AS

Stiftelsen Bergen Diakonissehjem

Ca. 16.000 m2  BTA

Prequalified plan- and design competition 2011    

Haraldsplass Hospital is to be expanded with a new bedroom wing and a parking area in front of the current hospital in order to fulfill the function of a local hospital for Bergen and the surrounding region of about 130,000 inhabitants.

Haraldsplass Hospital has the vision ‘Expertise with heart.’ The new bedroom wing profiles Haraldsplass hospital as a modern treatment institution that generates good experiences, designed for efficient operation. The solution should provide an enhanced functionality to the hospital complex.

New access to the entire hospital will also be established in connection with the extension. The new entrance square with its spacious foyer will be Haraldsplass Hospitals’ new arrival area for all departments. The area contains public functions and is linked to existing entrance and exterior parkland.

The new bedroom ward will be linked to the existing surgery and radiology wards, with emphasis on geriatric and palliative care activities for the elderly with complex disorders. Wards are designed as four houses, one house for each bed group. The solution is motivated by the desire to involve other spatial qualities in bed areas: light and views to the surrounding countryside and the city. The project facilitates a safe and orderly treatment environment.  

From the jury report: "Spatially, this plan has a lot of nice qualities. The group  arrangement is explored to the full and creates individual departments that are concentrated and well proportioned. It will be good to be a patient here." close >>