Extension Tromsø University


approx 20.000 m2

Opened August 2018

Co-located in the buildings for Medicine and Health Sciences (MH), are all medical and health subjects at the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Tromsø.

MH2 consists of a new building of approx. 18.000 m2, which will connect to existing university facilities and functions. The new building contains a variety of auditoriums, seminar and conference rooms, in addition to various laboratory functions and department for comparative medicine with display, monitoring and operating rooms.
The project also includes reconstruction of special areas for anatomical department as well as teaching rooms in excisting building.

Similar to the existing building, the new building is divided into a teaching wing and a laboratory wing. In the teaching area there are group rooms, seminar rooms and microscope laboratories. Connected to the entrance hall areas are two auditories and common functions such as service center, coffee shop and pause / parking areas.
The laboratory wing has different types of research laboratories, including a phorensic center. A Biobank is established in cooperation with the University Hospital in Tromsø.

The new buildng complex is adapted to the steep terrain, and is connected to the floors of existing buildings on all levels.

The main materials in the exterior are bricks, wood, glass and metal. The choice of bricks relates to the existing building mass at UiT. Furthermore, brick is a robust, maintenance-free material. The adjacent, lower volumes are clad in wood to break up the volumes. In the brick facades, the windows are placed in deep niches, while in the wood clad facades the windows are placed further out to give them a lighter expressions.close >>