The Grieg Hall, Bergen

Ratio Architects AS
Origio architects as

Grieghallen as 

14 000 m2 

Grieg Hall Rehabilitation Project 2013-2014 

The Concert Hall was completed in 1978. It is an iconic building linked to Bergen and the annual festival. The building stands as one of the finest examples of Brutalist architecture from the 50s - 70s with emphasis on raw concrete and clearly distinct architectural elements with extensive use of natural materials.

The building will undergo an extensive rehabilitation, primarily on stage equipment, infrastructure and ventilation, but will it also need upgrading in public areas. The big challenge is to build on large areas for a limited period in summer 2013 and 2014 in order not to affect the seasonal program which will run as normal.

The building is not listed, but the work is carried out in consultation with conservators to preserve the building's qualities. A strategy of careful interpretation of the original idiom rather than contrasting elements of our time is followed where the original can not be preserved or reconstructed.

Photos of new interior: Helge Skodvin
Photos of building before rehabilitation: The Grieg Hall / Trygve Schønfelder

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