New Ersta Hospital, Stockholm

Ratio arkitekter as
Nyrèns arkitektkontor

Ersta diakoni

25 000 m2


1. prize in limited planning and design competition February 2014

Ratio architects as shall cooperate with Nyrens architects (S) for a new hospital building at Ersta diakoni of Stockholm.

The project was selected from among six proposals in a parallel commission, for the following reasons: "The building has a distinct character, not least in terms of materials and facade principle, which relate very well to the existing buildings in Ersta. The project is considered to be a very well-composed complete solution. The volume composition connects in a sensitive and deliberate manner to the site's topography. There is a great sensitivity relating to the complexity of the program and Erstas objective of this proposal ... "  

Ersta diakonia is the client for the building (25,000 m2), which will house all hospital functions by Ersta in Södermalm. close >>