Folkets Hus, Trondheim

1 prize in restricted design contest, 2012.

Workers Financial Services Association, AØF.

Approximately 20,000 m2.

In 2012 RATIO won a limited plan- and design for reconstruction and expansion of Folkets Hus in Trondheim. Folkets Hus consists of an entire city block in the downtown area. The building was financed by funds raised from the unions and was when it was erected in 1939, the city's largest office buildings. In the 1960s, an extension was made to Cicignons Square (Lilletorvet).

Folkets hus accommodates for the trade union and labor movement. Other tenants include Nova cinema, Theatre Avant Garden, Nova Hotel and Convention Center, and Olav's Pub and Restaurant. The competition intended to organise the building's various functions and facilitate the future development of the complex, including the equipment for a larger conference.

In our proposal SUPERNOVA, the cinema's entrance moved back to "Nova Corner" between Olav Tryggvason street and Krambugata, while the hotel, convention center and other cultural functions addresses Lilletorget. A large interior hall extends through 3 floors and establishes a new public-oriented space for casual encounters and organized activities. 

Through the winning project we are engaged by AØF in a contract for ongoing reconstruction and upgrading projects in the building. As 2015 goes onn the reconstruction of Nova cinema, office spaces in 2nd and 5th floor, new entrance for office functions - and there are plans for hotel and conference section.close >>